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Natural Gas Emergency

If you smell a suspicious odor that you think may be natural gas, call the Management Office at (303) 534-6611. The building Engineers will investigate the situation.

If a natural gas odor is present, the engineer will evacuate everyone from the area and call 911.

We want everyone who smells gas to evacuate without waiting for fire department or building engineers to investigate:

Please adhere to the following if a natural gas odor is present in the building:

  1. Leave the area immediately.
  2. Do not stop to turn anything on or off, do not open or close anything. Have all smoking cease immediately, and evacuate out and away from the building as quickly as possible.
  3. From a safe area, notify the Denver Fire Department by dialing 911.
  4. Contact Excel Energy, Natural Gas Division at 800-895-2999 and notify them of the situation.
  5. Contact the Management Office to have the odor investigated.
  6. The individual who discovered the gas leak should identify him/herself to the Fire Department once they are outside the building.
  7. Under no circumstances is anyone to return to the building for any reason until the “all clear” is given by the Fire Department.

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